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Dear Readers,

This blog and all past content has been relocated to www.ExploreNature.org/preschool-blog. We’re still updating it weekly so you can continue to follow our adventures!

Happy Trails,

Monica Wiedel-Lubinski
Director of The Nature Preschool at Irvine

Irvine Nature Center
11201 Garrison Forest Road
Owings Mills, Maryland 21117


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Thanks to all of you that attended the Preschool Family Orientation! What a fun way to start up our school year! The gentle rain made for a muddy scavenger hunt with many laughs that followed in the classrooms.

If you are a new parent to our program, check out this link to learn more about our weekly blog updates. Here goes the first post of our 2012-2013 school year!

This Week’s Adventures: Time to meet new friends and explore at The Nature Preschool!

Favorite Activities: We got to know each other as we shared our special “Me Bags” at circle time. We learned our hello and goodbye songs, too. We stamped special snack time placements and started making our nature alphabet book with the letter “Ff”. (We will be adding to this all year.) We loved making tape nature bracelets during our hike, smooshing pokeweed berries and playing hide-and-go-seek along the trail. We’ve been busy beautifying our classroom with our art this week, but be on the lookout for gorgeous work coming home next week. What a fun way to start the school year!

Next’s Week’s Theme: Animal News (letter “Aa”)

Try this at home: Go on a feather search! Look under trees and near bird feeders. Sort the feathers from big to small or by color. Try pressing them into soft soil to see if they can stand up or leave a print. Remember, you can’t keep feathers but you can have fun while taking a closer look!

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Welcome to The Nature Preschool blog! This is where we post weekly updates to fill you in on our learning adventures. Here’s what you will find:

This Week’s Adventures: Here’s where we’ll share the topic and goal of the week.

Favorite Activities: This will highlight our best-loved activities throughout the week. There are always too many to list, so be sure to ask your child to share more!

Next’s Week’s Theme: You get the idea…

Try this at home: This is the MOST important section. I hope you read and do some of the suggested activities here. These are intended to reinforce and extend your child’s new knowledge. They can usually be done with the whole family, so dig in and enjoy.

Lastly, we love photos. And videos. And artwork. Sharing images helps us celebrate what we do. We take photos every week and will share them here for all to see. But please feel free to share photos of your little learners at home learning and exploring nature.

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