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Autumn, in all her golden glory, is here. This week the children explored the meadow, full of wispy seeds, swaying grasses, and hopping insects. We discovered seasonal changes and compared them to changes happening in the forest. The birds are noticing the dimming light and eagerly searching for food, so the children made feeders to help them. We also observed fall foods for the birds, like spicebush berries and pokeweed, and painted with brilliant magenta pokeweed berries. We painted binoculars for closer investigation during our time in the bird blind along the trail, too. Berries abound!

IMG_0390 IMG_0392 IMG_0336


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Just what do nature preschoolers do in Spring? Here’s what emerged this week as we discovered habits of birds in spring:

      • making a nests out of cat tail fluff
      • making binoculars with toilet paper rolls (it never gets old!)
      • finding “wormies”
      • creating worm homes in mud puddles
      • exploring the wetlands and making mazes through the cattails
      • tallying the birds we observed in the meadow
      • checking in on a tree swallow nest
      • making observational drawings of birds
      • scooping, measuring and pouring bird seed in the sensory table
      • sharing letters from our pen pals at the Audubon Nature Preschool in birding adventures

DSC02890    DSC03034    DSC03070 DSC03108    Image

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nesting DSCF9881

The March winds sure were blowing this week at the Nature Preschool!  The weather was cold and blustery, rainy and warm, chilly and sunny, all in the same week!  We had a fun week looking for signs that spring really is on the way.  We learned that this is the time of year for bluebirds and other birds to begin making their nests, finding a mate and laying eggs.  We took a peek inside the nesting boxes in the meadow for evidence and we found one nest so far!  We’ll keep you posted on the rest.  We also had fun pretending to be birds.  We made our own nests inside with playdough, raffia, yarn, feathers and ribbon, as well as outside, using sticks, mud, grass and more.  We painted with watercolors using feathers, and drew in our nature journals as we observed many different types of nests.  We are constantly amazed by the skills our students are demonstrating!  Such artists! We took advantage of the super windy weather by using the parachute outside.  It was fun to see the waves that the wind made all on her own as well as creating our own waves.  Our poem of the month, Winds of March, was a perfect fit.  We learned sign language for “wind”, “blow” and “spring”, ask your child to demonstrate!  The children also made predictions about when they think we’ll be able to eat our snack outside again, any ideas?  Gosh, are we ready for spring?!

birdwatching throwing winter away! DSCF9901 DSCF9880 DSCF9871 Nature journal drawing

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This week children explored the ways that animals are equipped to hide and survive in nature. We used camouflage like other animals by using different colored fabric for fur coats.

children discover tracks sliding down ice hill! DSC02233 DSC02238 DSC07821 DSC07826

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Children tromped in the snow and examined winter animal clues (we even found a raccoon taill…) We built forts with old Christmas trees, too. We are loving the all this snow!

030 037 DSCF9413 DSCF9415 .DSCF9425

DSC01801 DSC01837 DSC01863 DSC01872 DSC01874 DSC07157

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See how we searched for animal tracks and made some of our own during this snowy week!

DSC07093 DSC01730 DSC01732 DSC01750 DSC01761 DSC01764 DSC01766 DSC07102










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We continued to explore nocturnal concepts by comparing flighted creatures (owls, bats, and flying squirrels) with the possum habits we discovered last week. From making moon pies and moon play dough to meeting a live barred owl, this week was a hoot! Families also joined us for a hay wagon ride during American Education Week. Notice the hand-print owls, moon/stars mobiles, and leaf sit-upons we made this week, too.

002 (2) 003 017 019 021 023 030 (2) 032 051 055 DSCF8695 DSCF8700 DSCF8729 DSC05900 DSC05905 DSC05947 DSC05951 DSC06025 DSC06046 DSC06047 DSC06048 DSC05908 DSC05958 DSC05959 DSC05971 DSC05973 DSC05975 006 008 013 017 019 022 025 026 028 031 032 043 048 DSC05923 DSC05927 DSC05929 DSC05930

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