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As summer gives way to autumn, seeds and fruits abound. The children searched for seeds in all shapes and sizes, and examined how animals use seeds to prepare for winter. We also discovered the many ways seeds travel.

What's inside the pumpkin? 033 042 045 ???????????????????????????????


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We explored the properties water freezing and melting in winter. We loved hiding hunks of ice on the trails to predict which would melt the fastest or not at all. We used thermometers to track cold temps (particularly good this week since it got to be 6 degrees!). We also met a toad and discovered how it survives brutally cold conditions.

DSC06608 DSC06628 DSC06741 DSC06762 DSC01520

blowing frozen bubbles blowing frozen bubbles DSCF9320 DSCF9314 DSCF9303 DSCF9305

cut paper snowflakes! ice and salt in the sensory table uncovering seeds and found objects in ice

Child uses pipettes and salt to melt ice in sensory table.

Child uses pipettes and salt to melt ice in sensory table.

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Okay, not really. There were no actual bears or children harmed during this week’s classes! Instead, we reveled in the fun song and story We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. We introduced tents and caves during our play. We continued with snowy fun on the trails and pretended to be tired bears (some of us didn’t have to pretend!). Families also visited during class to share special winter traditions.




041 (2)













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This Week’s Adventures: We discovered traits and habits of amphibians – namely frogs!

Favorite Activities: From frog puppets to frog skeletons we learned all about their amazing adaptations. We also disovered their transformation from egg to tadpole, froglet then frog (metamorphosis) and did a breathing experiment with a tadpole. (No animals got hurt in this experiment!) We searched the wetland, wet woods and stream listening for spring peepers and looking for signs of eggs. We had hopping contests and measured who could hop the farthest and met several of Irvine’s frogs with Miss Laura. And yes, we even spotted a green frog down by the stream!

Next’s Week’s Theme: Spring is in the Air (“Ww”)

Try this at home: On a mild night, open the window to hear spring frogs calling.

happy lil' tadpole frog easel painting searching in the vernal pool listening for frogs chillin' in the log green frog! exploring the wet woods looking for frogs a little discovery more exploration scooping in the pool searching for salamanders cool tadpole experiment (how does it breathe?)

sensory table with tadpoles sensory table with frogs frog inspired art toad! searching for tadpoles stream searchin' F is for frogpit stop at the wigwam using a magnifier stream searchin' bones! The Firefly class

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This Week’s Adventures: We were in the mood for making experiments this week!

Favorite Activities: We did loads of fun experiments including one with borax that created crystals. We also loved the “frozen bubbles” experiement outside. Parents visited the classroom to read stories about weather and science, and even helped make snow people for our classroom. Our African pygmy hedgehog visited the children with Miss Laura, too!

Next’s Week’s Theme: True Love Birds (“Ee”)

Try this at home: Have an ice cube hunt! Hide several around the yard and record which ones you think will melt first. Check on your ice cubes throughout the day to see if your predictions are correct.

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This Week’s Adventures: We were scientists this week!

Favorite Activities: We used the scientific method to do all kinds of experiements, both indoors and out! We also wrote the letter “Ee” for experiment and explore. You should have seen our volcano experiment – it was way cool!

Next’s Week’s Theme: Our Community (focus on letter “Cc”)

Try this at Home: Experiment with gadgets from the kitchen to figure out what they do (supervised by a grown-up, of course). First, ask your question “what does it do?” and make a hypothesis. Experiment to see if the hypothesis was correct! Weird kitchen gadget ideas: garlic press, juicer, whisk, sifter, or strainer.

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