Fuzzy chicks, mud puddles, and tiny seeds were the name of the game this week. Colorful signs of spring were explored through rainbow collaged books, plant-based dye-making (think raspberries making vibrant pink dye), and dyed rice rainbows. We began all kinds of seedlings (peppers, squash, arugula, tomatoes) in the greenhouse and in the cold frame. We also started seed experiments using ball jars and moist paper towels in the classroom. During our outdoor adventures, mud slurped up our boots which incited dramatic play of “mud rescuers”. 

We visited a favorite local farm at the Pearlstone Retreat Center to learn about life on a farm in spring. We harvested chicken eggs, planted lettuce seeds, explored worms in vermi-compost bins, met baby chicks, and had a wonderful time!

did you pet a chicken today?

did you pet a chicken today?







staring contest

staring contest!

How do The Nature Preschool students discover spring? Here’s what we were up to this week, the first official week of spring:

  • We visited the stream and sloshed our way through the mud – even getting stuck in all this melting snow
  • We made nests in the meadow to mimic what many animals are starting to do
  • We soaked up sunshine in the meadow while lying on blankets
  • We journaled in the meadow taking inspiration from the bird song, fresh sprouts and buds
  • We painted paper eggs that “hatch” to reveal an animal
  • With enough winter snow to close school on Monday, we made a snowfriend onTuesday and Wednesday and enjoyed beautiful windy spring days Thursday and Friday!
  • We used pipettes with colored water on raindrops and on snow outside
  • Families shared spring traditions with the Tulip Poplar class – the Irish soda bread was delicious!
  • We created windy weather paintings by blowing through straws
  • We danced like the wind with scarves
  • We began a spring scavenger hunt – we hope to check off all the spring signs in the coming weeks!


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nesting DSCF9881

The March winds sure were blowing this week at the Nature Preschool!  The weather was cold and blustery, rainy and warm, chilly and sunny, all in the same week!  We had a fun week looking for signs that spring really is on the way.  We learned that this is the time of year for bluebirds and other birds to begin making their nests, finding a mate and laying eggs.  We took a peek inside the nesting boxes in the meadow for evidence and we found one nest so far!  We’ll keep you posted on the rest.  We also had fun pretending to be birds.  We made our own nests inside with playdough, raffia, yarn, feathers and ribbon, as well as outside, using sticks, mud, grass and more.  We painted with watercolors using feathers, and drew in our nature journals as we observed many different types of nests.  We are constantly amazed by the skills our students are demonstrating!  Such artists! We took advantage of the super windy weather by using the parachute outside.  It was fun to see the waves that the wind made all on her own as well as creating our own waves.  Our poem of the month, Winds of March, was a perfect fit.  We learned sign language for “wind”, “blow” and “spring”, ask your child to demonstrate!  The children also made predictions about when they think we’ll be able to eat our snack outside again, any ideas?  Gosh, are we ready for spring?!

birdwatching throwing winter away! DSCF9901 DSCF9880 DSCF9871 Nature journal drawing

This week children explored the ways that animals are equipped to hide and survive in nature. We used camouflage like other animals by using different colored fabric for fur coats.

children discover tracks sliding down ice hill! DSC02233 DSC02238 DSC07821 DSC07826

Though icy temperatures persist, the trees still prepare for spring. The children made wintery discoveries as we learned about maple sugaring.

using a hand drill to practice tapping a tree tasting sap! making a "sugar shack" DSC07603 DSC07607

As snowflakes fall, icicles drip, woodpeckers tap and branches crackle, we listen for winter sounds. Natural objects and recycled materials can be musical – see how we explored the winter landscape.

DSC07380 DSC07302 DSC07299 DSC07296


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